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 A System Exploring its Edges

Rams, Plows, Forces

Crowds, Throngs, Demonstrators

crush, squash, Depress

May-June 2020

A system exploring its edges is a series of drawings made as a response to the manifold experience of the Corona Virus lockdown, the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing protests and the continued degradation of the environment. All of the images were sourced from news articles, being kept away from the outside world and social exchange, the news became the only window through which to articulate the world. The exploration of edges is a way of challenging accepted dogma, a way of absconding the entrapment, and investigating outsider knowledge. I think of the final scene of ‘The Truman Show’ where Burbank, after battling endless obstacles, discovers a doorway through which to escape the system which he has unknowingly been enmeshed in his entire life. Through exploring the edge we discover the perimeters of systems to be permeable, with the potential to be exploited in order to envision egalitarian futures.

© Oliver Offord, All Rights Reserved, 2021

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